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About us...

Peggy Polly & Jack is a childrens shop run by me, Rebecca. I'm also mama to three lovely little ladies Hope Elizabeth, Greta Rose and the baby Violet Katherine. I love classic styles, period dramas and the royal family...especially the Cambridges. 

This is a classically british old fashioned shop. The kind where your arrival is announced by the jingle of a bell and a friendly smile from behind a counter. It's a Shirley hughes illustration, a place with little button noses pushed up against the window for a peek, a big comfy armchair all cracked leather and crochet blanket Perfect for bedtime tales, it's kicking off muddy Wellington boots and wrapping hands round a mug of hot chocolate with rosey cheeks all aglow. PP&j is the place you come to when you want the perfectly pretty smocked dress for your very own Princess Charlotte or a dapper pair of cords and little shirt for your little George styled gent. Think Shirley hughes and Enid Blyton or Call the Midwife and Princess Charlotte. Babies pushed in carriage prams, little girls with hair bows and and boys in knee socks and short trousers.

As the shop grows watch out for our own label collection which although whimsically pretty the quality is enough that they dont need to be saved for a special occasion but will endure seaside ice creams, digging for worms, splashing in puddles and spilt christmas trifle.

Please follow us on instagram as our shop continues to grow and change with the seasons. 

With friendly waves and welcome smiles

               Rebecca x